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3 Top Tips for Designing Exhibition Display Stands


Exhibition displays have a very short window of time to attract the attention of potential customers. Several seconds can be the difference between a person merely glancing at a trade show booth in passing, or actually approaching it to learn more about a product or service. LITE panel trade show display

No company participates in a trade shows alone; competition is fierce as attendees are often outnumbered by a plethora of trade show display booths. How can you be sure that your exhibition displays and exhibition banners stand out from the crowd and capture the fleeting attention of the visitors in the process?

Careful planning is the key. Planning prior to the design stage is essential for getting the most value out of a trade show. Below are several points to consider before designing your next exhibition display stands.

Who Are YOUR Ideal Prospects?

Before choosing a design company or beginning the design of exhibition displays, it is important to understand exactly who are your ideal customers. The most beautiful, attention-grabbing exhibition banner stands or exhibition displays will achieve little to nothing if it attracts prospects who aren’t unlikely or unable to become your customers. Research is never fun, but neither is spending time contacting trade show leads who have no need or intent to ever purchase anything from you!

Exhibitors should learn the specific details of the trade show they are planning to exhibit in, in addition to business-specific customer details. Gathering specific event information helps in creating exhibition display stands with the visitors’ needs in mind, and provides a better foundation to deliver an effective booth design. Some of the details to gather include, but aren’t limited to:

·         The kind of visitors expected to attend the show

·         The needs of the visitors expected to attend

·         The estimated number of visitors expected to attend

·          Information on the layout where the display will be placed

·         Market research and previous experience with the customer base

 Create The Booth Design For Your Customer, Not Your Company

Although the temptation to get the flashiest and expensive-looking booth design can be overwhelming; that type of design may not appeal to most visitors. Exhibition displays must catch the eye of potential customers and the most effective design in that regard might not be the flashiest.MultiQuad panel trade show display

More important than the actual design is the message: How is the potential customer going to benefit by stopping your display booth? Finding out what the visitor wants and needs, then incorporating that information into your booth design will attract attention—as long as they can see it “loud and clear.”

Plan The Booth Design Carefully

Looks aren’t everything, yet they can be restricting. The hardware used in exhibition displays and the selected booth design ideas affect the customers’ perception of the type of product or service being marketed. Generally speaking, expensive and lavish exhibition displays may give the impression that the product or service is expensive, while “budget” exhibition displays might achieve the opposite. It is important to make sure the booth design fully compliments your company and aligns with its message, reputation and values.

The next design factor to consider is the size of the trade show booth. The display dimensions should allow full utilization of the rented space, yet ample room should be allowed for visitors to move around without difficulty. The booth design should allow enough room for a knowledgeable, friendly employee to interact with the visitors as they peruse the trade show booth.

In the end, the amount of people visiting your exhibition displays is important, but is not the critical factor. What matters most is the ability of the exhibition displays and your staff to engage visitors and sell the company. With these considerations in mind before creating the booth design, your exhibition displays will attract more visitors and drive more revenue.

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