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Trade Shows are a process, not a one time event. The work starts before the show, and doesn't end until months after the show.

Our goal is to be your Partner, not just your best supplier ever. To accomplish that goal we share ideas, tips and tricks for booth design ideas, and yes, mistakes, so that you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

We're a family (and veteran) owned company, focused on providing fast & friendly service and great prices, in a 1-Stop shop for all trade show display supplies and accessories.

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4 Simple Mistakes to Avoid In Your Trade Show Booth!

10x20 Trade Show Booth with Curves!

At a trade show, the goal is usually to stand out among the competition. But what happens when standing out isn’t a good thing? Sometimes trade show booths attract attention for all the wrong reasons – here are four simple mistakes to avoid, so that you stand out in all the right ways, and never for the wrong reasons!

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Trade Show Booth Ideas & Design Trends For Your Exhibit Displays

xpressions connex 10x10 popup display

No one likes to admit it, but the world of business design follows trends just like in fashion. They don't change quite so quickly, but there are still slow and unmistakable drifts in design over the years. It's a subtle thing, but exhibit displays put together using the trendy trade show booth ideas and the latest design and color schemes will stand out over the competition.

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Three Trade Show Display Ideas You Don't Want to Skip!

iPadHolders Ad4

Designing a new trade show display can be a lengthy process, involving a lot of steps and weeks of effort. By the time you’ve completed that project, it’s easy to overlook the final touches; that’s unfortunate, because it could be like forgetting to put the icing on an otherwise magnificent cake! 

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4 Tips for Using Trade Show Booths to Boost Brand Loyalty

Hybrid modular eco friendly trade show booth

If you have a few minutes, it would be worth taking a look at this recent report I found from Ernst & Young, researching consumer buying habits. They have hard numbers backing up a lot of things we've been noticing and talking about experientially in marketing for a few years now: Consumers are increasingly defying traditional marketing niches, and must be addressed on more personal terms.

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New Trade Show Banners Help Get the Right People into your Booths

spectrum 4 sided pyramid banner stand

Trade show banners and displays have been evolving a lot over the last few years, growing lighter and easier to use. As Marshal McLuhan proclaimed, “The medium is the message”; the continuing evolution of trade show displays offers exhibitors new ways to communicate their messages.

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Great Trade Show Display Ideas from the Past

hybrid island trade show display with fabric panels and meeting area resized 600

The truly great trade show display ideas come from techniques as old as public displays themselves. As far back as the Middle Ages, vendors used to have public booths and street fairs, somewhat like the Farmer's Market is today. In those markets, they did the very same thing that trade shows do, which is to display and advertise the items you needed to sell to make a decent living. The difference between then and today is that they understood the importance of street theater, and many in modern society have lost sight of that tool.

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Create a Special Space With Your Exhibit Design

20 x 20 enclosed exhibit design

Designing new trade show displays? Exhibitors sometimes mistakenly think of their booth as an extended billboard, full of visuals and displays that sell. While winning visuals are clearly a part of the success of booth design ideas, the trade show signs and banners should not be the only thing. Take a step back and look at the forest, not just the tree, and visualize the "space" that you create when you construct your own booth at a trade show.

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Festive Trade Show Display Ideas

open book pop up display system

While we approach the holiday season, you may have been wondering about the best ways to commemorate the festivities without sacrificing the effectiveness of your trade show displays. It can be easy to just maintain your usual routine, but the best trade show booths around yours will recognize the holiday season and you might look like a Scrooge if you don't acknowledge the holidays in some way.

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Producing The Best Videos For Your Trade Show Displays

hybrid exhibit display with video monitor and tension fabric graphics

Video is one of the most tried-but-true tools you still see used with many trade show banners today, and for good reason. Video productions remain an excellent way to draw people into visit your convention displays and get them excited about your products.

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Crafting Compelling Trade Show Displays

20x20 trade show booths resized 600

Most exhibitors and their trade show booths have the basic requirements for trade shows down pretty well. The potential customer walks around the floor of the trade show and most of the trade show booths beckon to them as if they were candy to a baby. Excited, the new client walks over and investigates. They look, they touch, they ask questions. Before you know it, the customer is half way towards committing themselves to a purchase. The trade show booths have done their job; a new client is snagged and you have their information for future contact.

That being said, very few trade show participants are completely satisfied with the efficiency of their trade show displays. We always feel as if we could snag a few more, sell a few more, pull a bit more traffic into our area.

If you find yourself wishing you could fine tune your booth so it works a little harder for you, here are a few ideas to cross reference with your current layout in order to question if you need do a slight redesign in order to perfect your trade show displays.

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