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Trade Shows are a process, not a one time event. The work starts before the show, and doesn't end until months after the show.

Our goal is to be your Partner, not just your best supplier ever. To accomplish that goal we share ideas, tips and tricks for booth design ideas, and yes, mistakes, so that you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

We're a family (and veteran) owned company, focused on providing fast & friendly service and great prices, in a 1-Stop shop for all trade show display supplies and accessories.

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Should You Turn Your Trade Show Displays into a 3 Ring Circus?

Customized Backlit ECO-1053 with Large Backlit Fabric Graphics

For a lot of firms, tradeshow appearances are often isolated events, mostly separate from their overall marketing strategy.  There's a new show in a couple months, so they sign up, go set up their trade show booth, and then go home when it's over with some new leads or sales. This is a fine beginner's strategy for up-and-coming firms, but...


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5 Brand New Twitter Tools to Leverage at Your Next Trade Show

archway event tent outdoor

One of the most simultaneously exciting and infuriating aspects of online marketing, in any industry, is how quickly websites and strategies can change. Whenever one of the major “lynchpin” sites like Google or Facebook updates their systems, it creates a cascade of thousands (or millions) of businesses having to change their strategies to adapt. Every time it happens, it means established strategies go out the window. On the other hand, every redesign opens up new opportunities for messaging. Well, this time around, it's Twitter that's getting the makeover.


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Brand Building At Trade Shows

ECO 1019 with Added Backwall Graphic and Custom Double sided Kiosk resized 600

Do you think of your trade show displays as a place to build your brand? If you don’t, you should. And if you do, you’re not alone. According to a study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 83 percent of exhibitors agreed that the top priority marketing objective for companies is building or expanding brand awareness.


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The Dummies' Guide to Using Digital Media in Trade Show Booths

Xpressions Pop Up Display Monster Mount 3x3 Kit

A trade show booth is virtually always going to be "multimedia" at heart.  When you have such a great opportunity to put your wares on display, you're going to want to use as many techniques as possible for getting people to visit.


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Attract Great Hires with Attractive Trade Show Booths

MOD-1515 Monitor Stand

A trade show display is virtually always going to be "multimedia" at heart. When you have such a great tool for putting your wares on display, you're going to want to use as many techniques as possible for getting people to visit.


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"There Can Be Only One." (Great trade show booth location, that is!)

there can be only one!

Every trade show manager dreams of walking into an exhibit hall and seeing their company’s trade show booth front and center, visible right through the open doors. But that doesn’t always happen. In fact, it almost never happens. (To steal someone else's line, "There can be only one.")


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7 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Trade Show Display Marketing

custom eco 1038 hybrid tension fabric trade show display

As with any industry, there's a lot of misinformation about trade shows.  Thanks to the very, very long history of this form of marketing (think waaay back, to Roman farmers markets, and even before then), a lot of beliefs about exhibiting are out-of-date or simply wrong. New innovations in exhibitions are also causing a new crop of bad ideas to spring up.


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Trade Show Booth Scheduling: Tips for Success

20x20 island custom hybrid trade show booth display

Tradeshow exhibiting costs money. You can spend anywhere from a couple thousand to tens of thousands on your physical trade show display. Often, that's a small part of the total cost. The real costs appear when you factor in your booth space rental costs, shipping and drayage costs, install and dismantle costs, advertising costs, plus the daily costs per staffer, which industry experts figure at roughly $500-1,000 per day (which covers travel costs, hotel, car rental and other ancillary expenses) - pretty soon you’re spending some real money! How to spend it wisely? Clearly, planning is extremely important.

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Tricks to Making International Trade Show Displays Affordable

50x80 Nimlok Island Trade Show Display Rental resized 600

There are plenty of reasons a company might want to ship their trade show booths overseas. After all, we're all living in an interconnected global  market. You don't have to be a huge multinational to benefit from having clients overseas. And for some major industries, the biggest annual trade shows only happen overseas - for example, the big show for the aerospace industry alternates every year between Farnborough in the UK and Le Bourget in Paris. So for some industries, international expositions are mandantory, for others they are potential growth paths, ways to grow into the international marketplace.

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Cost Cutting Tips for your Trade Show Exhibit Budget

eSmart ECO 1040 with Tension Fabric Graphics, DTS Accents, Headers, and Monitor Mount

If you’ve been in the trade show business for a while, you’re used to looking for ways to cut costs, get the best deal on trade show booths possible, and in general, be kind to your budget. If you’re newer to the field, we’re here to offer you some ideas on how to get more out of every dollar you spend on trade shows. But I also encourage you veterans of the industry not to tune me out just yet. These ideas might even apply to those of you who’ve been at this since TV shows started broadcasting in color!

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